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Alizarin Technologies Inc.

Alizarin Technologies Inc. founded in 2004 is an innovative manufacturer and a high-tech demonstration enterprise with wholly owned production base IResearch Technologies Inc. and Alizarin (Shanghai) Development & Research Centre.


Our core business focuses on the production of top-quality, coated presentation papers and films in a number of variations, ranging from inkjet media, Eco-solvent inkjet media, Mild solvent inkjet media, Water resistance inkjet media to the inkjet transfer paper, color laser transfer paper, Eco-Solvent Printable Flex, Cut table Polyurethane Flex , waterslide decal paper, and heat transfer decal foil, etc. And we have extensive expertise in this field. That is why alizarin is the perfect choice and services in the best possible light.

Our factory located in beautiful city Yongtai, Fuzhou, with owned factory more than 10000 square meters, at present, we have two highly automated manufacture lines and other auxiliary equipments. With professional laboratory and a research and development center, and cooperation with many universities and colleges . And get a number of invention patents, our company is a high-tech demonstration enterprise.

HTW-300R and heattransfervinyl cameo

Depending on the application, Our products are available for use with inkjet printers and cutting plotters, color laser printers and digital printing machines. The end result is personality fabric transfers, textile accessories transfers and other promotional aids, information dossiers, presentation documentations, signs of all kinds, displays using background lighting, fabrics with transferred motifs etc. Whatever the product, the result is consistently impressive: first-class printing quality, true colors and a high level of color saturation, not to mention excellent tear resistance and an invariably smooth passage through the machine to meet the customers around the world.

The technologies of inkjet & color laser receptive coating is accompanied with the inkjet and laser plotters technical progress. Only innovation can follow the progress, We will develop the products in our R&D center and cooperation with institute. Our development engineer will cooperate with equipment manufacturers closely. So We can feedback quickly according to the market and develop a new products to meet the customers, In addition, we provide the professional services and solutions for the specific customers. That is not no sufficient reason we are a highly innovation manufacturer, with attractive new products is a non to argue topic.



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