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Eco-Solvent Printable Reflective PU Flex

HTS-300SRF (Reflective)
Product Code : HTS-300SRF (Reflective)

Product Name: Eco-Solvent Printable Reflective  Heat Transfer PU Flex

Specifications:  50cm X 30M/Roll, 100cm X 30M/Roll

Ink Compatibility: Solvent ink, Eco-Solvent Max ink, Mild Solvent ink, BS4 ink,Latex ink etc.

1. Description
     Eco-Solvent  Printable Reflective Heat Transfer PU Flex can be printed by all kinds of Eco-Solvent inkjet printers such as Roland Versa CAMM VS300i, VersaStudio BN20 etc, get great durability with image retaining color, wash-after-wash. Decorate fabric with photos in minutes. Innovative hot melt adhesive is suitable to transfer onto textiles like cotton, mixtures of polyester/cotton and polyester/acrylic, Nylon/Spandex etc. by heat press machine. It is ideal for customizing dark, or light colored T-shirts, canvas bags, sport & leisure wear, uniforms, biking wear, promotional articles and more. with the reflective metallic back of printable PU Flex, after printing & transferring, Increase color and increase visibility

Eco-solvent Metallized Printable PU Flex

HTS-300S FoilTex
Product Code:    HTS-300SFoilTexProductName:   Eco-solventMetallizedPrintablePUFlexSpecification:    50cmX30M/Roll,100cmX30M/Roll,otherspecificationsarerequirement.InkCompatibility: Solventink,Eco-SolventMaxink,MildSolventink, BS4ink、Latexinketc.  1.Description   Eco-solventMetallizedPrintablePUFlex isa100micron translucent BO-PET linerthatcanbeusedwithEco-SolventinkjetprinterssuchasRolandVersaCAMMVS300i,VersaStudioBN20etc. Innovativehotmeltadhesiveissuitabletotransferontotextileslikecotton,mixturesofpolyester/cottonandpolyester/acrylic,Nylon/Spandexetc.byheatpressmachine.  Theoutstandingfeaturesofthisproductisfinecutting,consistentcuttingandexcellentwashable.  2. Application   Eco-solventMetallizedPrintablePUFlex is brilliantmetallicoftopline,thecolorwillbechangedwiththemetalliceffectafterprinting .Soit isidealforcustomizingdark,orlightcoloredT-shirts,canvasbags,sport&leisurewear,uniforms,bikingwear,promotionalarticlesandmore.

Glow in Dark InkJet Transfer Paper

Product Code: HTGD-300
Product Name: Glow in Dark InkJet Transfer Paper
Specifications: A4 (210mm X 297mm) - 20 sheets / bag,
                        A3 ( 297mm X 420mm) - 20 sheets / bag
                        A(8.5''X11'')- 20 sheets/bag, B(11''X17'') - 20 sheets/bag,
                        42cm X30M / roll, other specifications are requirement.
Ink Compatibility: normal water based Dye & pigment ink


1. Description  

    Glow in dark inkjet transfer paper HTGD-300 is photo-chromic material with glow in the dark base on a 170 micron paper liner that can be painted by wax crayons, Oil pastels, fluorescent markers, color pencil, and printed by normal ink jet printers such as Epson R230, photo 1390, Canon IX4680 etc.  Innovative hot melt adhesive is suitable to transfer onto textiles like cotton, mixtures of polyester/cotton and polyester/acrylic, Nylon/Spandex etc. by a regular household iron or heat press machine . It is ideal for customizing dark, or light colored T-shirts, canvas bags, sport & leisure wear, uniforms, biking wear, promotional articles and more. The outstanding features of this product are fine cutting, consistent cutting and excellent washable.

 2. Application
          Glow in dark inkjet transfer paper HTGD-300  is ideal for customizing dark, or light colored T-shirts, aprons, gift bags, mouse pads, photographs on quilts and more. with glitter background,  the printed color will be changed with the metallic effect after transferring by heat press machine.

Eco-Solvent Printable Vinyl

Product Code :  HTV-300SProductName:  Eco-SolventPrintableVinylSpecifications:  50cmX30M,100cmX30M/Roll,InkCompatibility:Solventink,Mildsolventink,Eco-SolventMaxink,MimakiCJV150BS3/BS4inketc.     1.Generaldescription    Eco-SolventPrintableVinyl( HTV-300S) isbasedpolyvinylchloridefilmthat producedaccordingtotheEN17standard with hotmeltadhesive onpolyesterfilmline,Excellentcuttingandweedingproperties.Evendetailedlogosandextremelysmallletteringarecuttable.Innovativehotmeltadhesiveissuitabletotransferontotextileslikecotton,mixturesofpolyester/cotton,polyester/acrylic,Nylon/Spandexandcoatedleather,EVAfoamedetc.    Eco-SolventPrintableVinyl( HTV-300S) canbeusedfortransferringonT-shirts,sport&leisurewear,uniforms,bikingwear,EVAfoamedleatherandshoes,andpromotionalarticles.