Eco-solvent Subi-Block Printable PU Flex

Product Code: HTW-300SAF
Product Name: Eco-solvent Subi-Block Printable PU Flex
Specification: 50cm X 30M/Roll, other specifications are requirement.
Ink Compatibility: Mimaki BS4 ink, Roland Eco-Solvent Max Ink, Mild-Solvent Ink, HP Latex Ink etc.

Product Detail

Product Usage

Product Detail

Eco-solvent Subi-Block Printable PU Flex HTW-300SAF

    As we know, polyester garments are dyed with sublimation inks for brilliant colors. But the molecule of sublimation inks are not honest even if are dyed by polyester fibre, they can migrate anytime anywhere, if you will print the image onto Sublimated products, the molecule of sublimation inks can penetrate the image layer, The image becomes dirty after a while. This is especially the case with light colored prints on dark garments.
   Eco-solvent Subi-Block Printable PU Flex (HTW-300SAF ) with a special coating layer which can block the migration of sublimation ink to make numbers and logos of Basketball and football sublimated uniform 


■ Contains a special layer and lamination technology that can block sublimation ink, and completely block sublimation
■ Compatible with Eco-Solvent ink, UV ink, and Latex ink jet printers,
■ Cuts extremely well, and cutting consistent, it cuts finely and can be cut inside. No waiting time for cutting after printing. PET based, dull knife can also be used
■ High printing resolution up to 1440dpi, with bright colors and good color saturation!
■ Designed for vivid results on sublimated fabric, 100% cotton, 100% polyester, cotton/polyester blend fabrics, artificial leather etc.
■ Ideal for personalizing T-shirts, 100% cotton canvas bags, 100% polyester canvas bags, uniforms, photographs on quilts etc.
■ Good washable and keep coloration

Numbers and Photos of Sublimated Uniform with Eco-Solvent Subi-Block Printable Flex (HTW-300SAF) 

what you can do for your Clothing and decorative fabrics projects ?

Logo And Numbers of football

sublimated uniform

sublimated 100% polyester uniform 

Sports Kits

Sneakers, soccer socks, travel hat

sublimated polyester

sublimated football jerseys, tracksuits, sweatshirts

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