How to block dye migration of the sublimated polyester jersey by heat pressing with Alizarin Subli-block 100% PU Heat Transfer Vinyl

As you know, most of jersey is made of sublimated polyester. And when you’re pressing the design on the jersey, the jersey color is bleeding through. That’s called dye migration.

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no dye migration on polyester jersey-333

Why? Because, standard heat transfer vinyl isn’t designed for using on sublimated polyester. If you heat apply normal HTV to any sublimated fabrics, you may experience dye migration. Dye migration is when the sublimation inks in the textiles bleed into the heat transfer vinyl and change the color of the heat transfer vinyl. Now we have a solution for the dye migration. Alizarin Subli block HTV-SA902 is your best friend. 

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Alizarin Subli block HTV-SA902 comes with a block layer that prevents the sublimation colors from penetrating the design, and guarantee HTV color stays wash after wash. Due to the excellent Block-Out property, it is not only ideal for polyester sports garments such as football jerseys, tracksuits, sweatshirts, digital camo, but also popular for any fabrics with sublimated polyester such as shoulder bags, pencil cases etc.

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Subli block HTV

Alizarin Subli block HTV-SA902 is a PU composition. There’s white color available, but you can layer other Alizarin HTV materials on top to create a more colorful look!

layerable HTV heat transfer vinyl-0
layerable HTV heat transfer vinyl

Application Instructions

Home Iron-on Instructions

-Set iron dial to Wool (no steam);
-Preheat garment about 2 seconds;
- Put design on fabric, without anything covered;
-Place on flat, hard surface;
-Press iron with medium pressure;
-Press each section of design about 10 seconds;
-Peel carrier hot or cold;
-If designs lift after application, cover with a silicone paper and re-press about 5-10 seconds.

Heat Press Instructions

-Preheat garment about 2 seconds;
-Put design on fabric, without anything covered;
-Apply design at 160℃/320°F, 20 seconds;
-Medium pressure;
-Peel carrier hot or cold;

If you need more details about Alizarin Heat Transfer Vinyl, please feel free to contact Wendy by WhatsApp or email . Thank you!


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Post time: Apr-01-2023

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