Eco-Solvent Printable Vinyl

Product Code : HTV-300S
Product Name: Eco-Solvent Printable Vinyl for rough fabrics
Specifications: 50cm X 30M, 100cm X30M/Roll,
Ink Compatibility: Solvent ink, Mild solvent ink,
Eco-Solvent Max ink, Mimaki CJV150 BS3/BS4 ink etc.

Product Detail

Product Usage

Product Detail

Eco-Solvent Printable Vinyl ( HTV-300S )

     Eco-Solvent Printable Vinyl ( HTV-300S ) is based polyvinyl chloride film that produced according to the EN17 standard.  It is with hot melt adhesive on 100 micron thickness polyester film line  with antistatic treated, which can prevent static electricity during use effectively, Innovative hot melt adhesive is suitable to transfer onto textiles like cotton, mixtures of polyester/cotton, polyester/acrylic, Nylon/Spandex and coated leather,EVA foamed etc.
    The thickness of the Printable Vinyl Flex is 180 microns, which is especially suitable for heat transferring on rough fabrics, wooden boards, leather, etc. It is an ideal material for jerseys, sport & leisure wear, biking wear, labor uniforms, foamed leather and shoes, skateboards, and bags, etc. Excellent cutting and weeding properties. Even detailed logos and extremely small lettering are cut table. 

Specifications: 50cm X 30M, 100cm X30M/Roll,
Ink Compatibility: Solvent ink, Mild solvent ink, Eco-Solvent Max ink, Mimaki CJV150 BS3/BS4 ink, UV ink, Latex ink
Printers : Eco-Solvent printers and cutters Roland VS300i, Mimaki CJV;  Eco-Solvent inkjet printers and Vinyl cutting plotters dual


■ Compatible with Eco-Solvent ink, UV ink, and Latex ink
■ High printing resolution up to 1440dpi, with bright colors and good color saturation!
■ Designed for vivid results on 100% cotton, 100% polyester, cotton/polyester blend fabrics, artificial leather etc.
■ Ideal for personalizing T-shirts, jerseys, canvas bags, uniforms, photographs on quilts etc. 
■ Excellent machine washing,  and with good color retention
■ 180 thickness flex, idea for rough leather, fabric rough, without background color visible
■ Ideal for fine cutting and cutting consistent

Numbers and Logos of Football Uniform with Printable Vinyl (HTV-300S) 

Applicable printers and inks

Roland DG VS300i-11

Eco-Solvent Printers and cutters

Roland VS 540i, VG, SG, Mimaki CJV


Latex printers

HP Latex 315 and Graphtec CE6000 dual

Mimkai UCJV300 print-and-cut family

UV printers

Mimaki UCJV300 print and cut

what you can do for your Clothing and decorative fabrics projects ?

Sports uniform

100% polyester, cotton/polyester blend

Skateboard decks,

Skateboard decks, longboard decks, cruiser decks and skimboards, 

wood crafts

Wood board, composite wood, fiber board, multi-layer board

HTV-300S-89 雨衣外套


Artificial leather raincoats, jackets, windbreakers


Umbrellas, parasols, car clothes

HTV-300S-68 劳保外衣

work clothes

work clothes, uniforms


Making colorful patterns

Customized bags

Customized Handbags, backpacks, tool bags, shoulder bags,

HTV-300S-89 外送储物箱

Delivery bag

storage bag, storage box



Slippers, sandals, cloth shoes


canvas bag

Lunch bags, handbags, gift bags, non-woven bags



Football, basketball, volleyball

cloth shoes

canvas shoes, casual shoes


numbers, logos of Basketball, football uniform

Transfer onto all kinds of fabric


Product Uasge

Basic characteristics



Test Methods

Thickness (total)

 280 μm (11.02mil)

ISO 534

Vinyl flex 

180 μm (7.09mil)

ISO 534


96 W (CIE)

CIELAB – System

Shading rate


ISO 2471

Gloss (60°)




Printer Recommendations
It can be printed by all kinds of Eco-Solvent inkjet printers such as : Roland Versa CAMM VS300i/540i, VersaStudio BN20, Mimaki JV3-75SP, Uniform SP-750C, and other Eco-solvent inkjet printers etc.

Heat press transferring

1). Setting a heat press at 165°C for 25 seconds using moderate pressure.
2). Briefly heat the fabric for 5 second to ensure that it is completely smooth.
3). Leave the printed image to dry for approx.5 minutes, cut out the image around the edges by cutting plotter. Peel the image line off from the backing paper gently by adhesive polyester film.
4). Place the image line facing upwards onto the target fabric
5). Place the cotton fabric onto it.
6). After transferring for 25seonds , move away cotton fabric, then cooling for about several minutes, Peel the adhesive polyester film starting at the corner.


Washing Instructions:

Wash inside out in COLD WATER. DO NOT USE BLEACH. Place into the dryer or do hang to dry immediately. Please do not stretch the image transferred or the T-shirt as this may cause cracking to occur, If cracking or wrinkling does occur, please place a sheet of greasy proof paper over the transfer and heat press or iron for a few seconds making sure to press firmly over the entire transfer again. Please remember to not iron directly on the image surface.

Finishing Recommendations

Material Handling & Storage:conditions of 35-65% Relative Humidity and at a temperature of 10-30°C. Storage of open packages: When an open packages of media is not being used remove the roll or sheets from the printer cover the roll or sheets with a plastic bag to protect it from contaminants, if you are storing it on end, use an end plug and tape down the edge to prevent damage to the edge of the rolldo not lay sharp or heavy objects on unprotected rolls and do not stack them.

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