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Product Detail

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Product Detail

1. Description
Adhesive polyester film for transferring is a Bo-PET film with self-adhesive. It is not same as ordinary self-adhesive products that can resistant to high temperature. and it will not be glued if the temperature is below 200 °C

Product Code Product name Main specifications mainly purpose
TF-40 Cutting film 75cm X 30M/Roll Cutting film
TF-50 Transfer film 50cm X 30M/Roll transferring
TF-75 Transfer film 51cm X 120M/Roll transferring
60cm X 120M/Roll
111cm X 120M/Roll
TF-100 Transfer film 50cm X 30M/Roll transferring
75cm X 30M/Roll

2. Usage

It is mainly used for dark transfer printing and then cutting. After removing off white edge, it is transferred by transfer paper and then covered on the surface where the transfer material is needed.




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