Light Color Laser Transfer Paper

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Product Code: TL-150H
Product Name: Light color laser transfer paper (warm peel)

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Light color laser transfer paper can be printed some of color laser printers such as OKI,Minolta, Xerox  DC1256GA, Canon etc, then  transferred onto glass, ceramics, copper plates, aluminum plates and other hard plates etc by a heat press machine. Decorate crafts with photos in minutes.

Light color laser transfer paper is ideal for customizing glass crafts, ceramic tiles,circuit boards, clock boards and more.


■ Customize crafts with favorite photos and color graphics.
■ Ideal for personalizing glass crafts, ceramic tiles,circuit boards,clock boards etc.
■ The back paper can be peel off easily with warm
■ No need to cut, the parts that not printed will not be transferred to the hard boards

It can be printed by some of color laser printers such as : OKI C5600n-5900n, C8600-8800C, Epson Laser C8500, C8600, HP 2500L, 2600, Minolta CF 900 9300/9500, Xerox 5750 6250 DC 12 DC 2240 DC1256GA, CanonCLC500, CLC700, CLC800, CLC1000, IRC 2880 etc.


Product Uasge

Printing setting

Heat press transferring

1). Setting a heat press at 175~185°C for 15~25 seconds using high pressure.
2). Place the image line facing downwards onto the target crafts
3). Press machine for 15~25 seconds.
4) Peel the back paper starting at the corner in 10 seconds after transferring.

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