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What is difference between Eco-Solvent printable PU Flex and Eco-Solvent printable Vinyl Flex?

     Eco-Solvent printable PU Flex have different product names, such as ColorPrint PU, Pretty stickers, printable flex film, printable Heat transfer vinyl, and CAD-color print etc. mostly, printed by inkjet printers with eco-solvent inks, then, heat transfer to the fabrics by heat press machine.
     Eco-Solvent printable PU Flex is polyurethane based materials, with good Extensibility, and resilience, soft touch. Low temperature resistance, maintaining good elasticity, flexibility and other physical properties even at minus 35°C. it is Ideal for High-quality branding onto anything. Unique features: The thinnest printable on the market, giving a great quality finish and soft feel.
     Alizarin company supply the world’s leading heat transfer ColorPrint PU flex materials Eco-Solvent printable PU Flex. Our products will heat apply to from both light and dark, glitter, glow in dark, to Brilliant Silver, Brilliant Golden fabrics and garments.  which have the characteristics of a soft hand, bright printing color, and excellent water resistance. To provide customers with a variety of creative space.

HTW-300SRP-21  HTW-300SRP-11 


     Eco-Solvent printable Vinyl Flex, mostly ColorPrint PVC is polyvinyl chloride (abbreviated as PVC) based materials, It can be made thicker and suitable for coarse fabrics such as: shoe uppers, canvas, overalls. We supply the HTV-300S Eco-Solvent printable Vinyl Flex ColorPrint PVC and PVC based HTF-300S Printable flock for sneakers, rain boots, tents, lifeboats decorations.
HTV-300S-44  HTV-300S-77  


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