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Heat Transfer Reflect PU flex and Printable Reflective for work clothes, sport & leisure wear, uniforms

Heat transfer Reflective PU flex

With simple operation, short flow path, time and efforts saving, a delicacy design will be done. It is Polyurethane film which has the virtue of durability and elasticity. It provides an excellent supports in cotton, polyester, linen, artificial leather, nylon, artificial wool fabrics with details of T-shirt, hat, sportswear, leisure and work wear, ski suit , swimsuit, bag, sweater, mouse pads etc.

Heat transfer Reflective PU flex for cutters

Heat Transfer PU Flex Reflective-2

We attend great importance to the development and application of our products. Today I mainly discuss with you the application of our Heat transfer Reflective PU flex in safety clothing.

Reflective PU flex for printers and cutters

Heat Transfer PU Flex Reflective-2副本-000

Heat Transfer PU Flex Reflective for printers and cutters can be printed by all kinds of Eco-Solvent inkjet printers such as Roland Versa CAMM VS300i, VersaStudio BN20 etc. with the reflective metallic back , after printing & transferring, Increase color and increase visibility

So it is suitable to transfer onto textiles like cotton, mixtures of polyester/cotton, rayon/spandex and polyester/acrylic etc. It can be used for printing on T-shirts, sport & leisure wear, uniforms, biking wear and promotional articles.

Heat Transfer PU Flex Reflective-4
Heat Transfer PU Flex Reflective-4-0
Heat Transfer PU Flex Reflective-6

Alizarin High visibility reflective PU tape is widely used onto garments for safety wears.

In labor insurance store, you can see all kinds of safety clothing everywhere it can be seen that the demand of labor insurance clothing is very large . During the period, due to the uncontrollable epidemic situation various industries also increase the demand for night outings, community security, police force, road traffic and so on.


Even aside from being applied on safety wears, this high reflective materials can also be applied on fashion apparels for distinctive output.

Heat Transfer PU Flex Reflective-11副本-0
Heat Transfer PU Flex Reflective-11
Heat Transfer PU Flex Reflective-12
Heat Transfer PU Flex Reflective-14副本-0
Heat Transfer PU Flex Reflective-14

Alizarin Reflective PU tape is mainly used for safety clothing, but each reflective pu has various characteristics such as elasticity, breathability, bright color, and high reflection effects at night. It’s designed to enhance the visibility of the wearer in low-light condition.

Heat Transfer PU Flex Reflective-16副本-0
Heat Transfer PU Flex Reflective-16

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