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Heat Transfer Vinyl | Cuttable PU Glitter

Heat Transfer Glitter PU Flex (GL913BK~GL917R) is a film for cutting, produced by Alizarin and with a layer of glitter in its composition. Innovative hot melt adhesive is suitable to transfer onto textiles like 100% Cotton / Sublimated (except in white) / 100% Polyester / Mixed Cotton and Polyester / Mixed polyester and acrylic / Mixed nylon and Spandex/ artificial leather /among others.

Designed for vivid results on dark or light-colored cotton or cotton/polyester blend fabrics


This film has a high amount of glitter on its face, providing greater flashing for the designs

GL914GD 01

Heat Transfer Glitter PU Flex (GL913BK~GL917R) is not dusted, so it has more stretch, in addition to having high durability in washing. Available in very precisely colors.

Heat transfer vinyl-glitter pu

Heat Transfer Glitter PU Flex (GL913BK~GL917R) is well suited to fashion work and the production of promotional and children's pieces. Polyester backing. 350µm thickness. Average film thickness: 190µm

Heat Transfer Glitter PU Flex (GL913BK~GL917R)

Heat Transfer Glitter PU Flex for Cutting plotter can be used for lettering on T-shirts, sport & leisure wear, sport bags and promotional articles.


and can be cut with all current plotters such as Mimaki CG-60SR, Roland SG-24, Graptec CE6000, Silhouette CAMEO, GCC i-Craft, Circut, Panda Mini cutter, Brother ScanNcut etc. We advise to use a 30° knife.

Panda Mini
Silhouette Cameo4
Cricut Explore Air2

How to make you design with multilayered effects like a colorful printing effects?

See attached process


1.Cutting the material in reverse (mirrored),Cut pressure: 45~85g  Blade: 35~45°

Heat Transfer Glitter PU Flex 9

2.Peel off excess material

Heat Transfer Glitter PU Flex 10

3.Position film on the substrate with the polyester support

Heat Transfer Glitter PU Flex 11

4.heat transfer with multilayered , don’t forget the grease proof paper

Heat Transfer Glitter PU Flex 12

5.Put on second with 160degrees, 5seconds

Heat Transfer Glitter PU Flex 13

6.Remove hot polyester liner/backing.

NOTE: Material is recommended for the production of very small labels. The structure and composition of this film tend to reduce the durability of the blade in cutting. It is also recommended to superimpose Glitter PU over another Glitter PU.

Here we offer you regular size 50cmX15M, and 50cmX5M. And we could also offer you customized requirements.

See attached color charts to choose from.

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