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how to make Numbers And Logos Of Football Uniform With Eco-Solvent Subi-Block Printable PU Flex HTW-300SAF | AlizarinChina.Com

      As we know, polyester garments are dyed with sublimation inks for brilliant colors. But the molecule of sublimation inks are not honest even if are dyed by polyester fibre, they can migrate anytime anywhere, if you will print the image onto Sublimated products, the molecule of sublimation inks can penetrate the image layer, The image becomes dirty after a while. This is especially the case with light colored prints on dark garments.  
      Eco-solvent Subi-Block Printable PU Flex HTW-300SAF made by Alizarin Company Ltd. with a special coating layer which can block the migration of sublimation ink to make numbers and logos of Basketball and football uniform.

Tools and materials needed:

1. Roland Inkjet Printer/Cutter VS300i, Bn20, Mimaki CJV or other Eco-Solvent Printers

2. Printer/Cutter or vinyl cutting plotter GS24,CG60,CE6000

3. Subi-Block Printable PU Flex HTW-300SAF

4. Heat press machine

5. Blank football jersey

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