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Glitter Iron on Heat Transfer Paper for Inkjet Printers

Alizarin glitter inkjet transfer paper sheets are blank for you to design and customize dazzling T-shirts, school uniforms, backpacks, or pencil-case etc. You can iron on with a hand-held mini household iron, a home heat press machine, or a commercial grade professional press. HT-150GL Glitter Inkjet Transfer Paper is for white or light-colored fabrics such as light yellow, light blue, light pink colors etc. It can be transferred onto polyester, 100% cotton, or cotton/poly blend fabrics. Glitters & sparkles for eye catching transfers. It has excellent color density after transfer, and washing with no cracking.


How-to-Make Sparkle Transfers? You will need:

#White/Light-colored Cotton, Cotton Polyester Blend, Polyester Fabric Garment;

#Normal Desk Inkjet Printer with normal water-based dye & pigment ink like Epson L805, Canon inkjet printer, HP inkjet printer, Brother inkjet printer etc;

#A vinyl cutting plotter if you need cut the design shape, such as CAMEO, CRICUT;

#Heat Press or Hand Iron (no steam);

#Alizarin Glitter light inkjet transfer paper HT-150GL

Here are the detailed instructions:

1.Print your design or image, need mirror image;

image printed by inkjet printer Epson-4

2.Cut the design or image by CAMEO, you can also do it with scissors;

CAMEO cut inkjet heat transfer paper-5

3. Weed away the blank areas that are not needed;

easy weeding inkjet heat transfer paper-6

4. Place the image on the fabrics;

5. Iron-on with pressure or heat press by machine with temperature 185℃, 15seconds.

iron-on inkjet transfer paper glitter-7

6. Peel hot or cold.

hot cold peel iron-on inkjet transfer paper glitter-8

Isn’t it cool to make unique glitter and shine effects to your designs with sparkle transfers and add some sparkle to your fabrics! Our heat glitter transfers have a glittery shimmer to create various designs on tank tops, T-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, school bags and so on. Welcome contacting us for more details by email or WhatsApp .


Post time: Sep-21-2022

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