Light Eco-Solvent Printable PU Flex printed by Roland Versa CAMM VS540i |

We supply Light Eco-Solvent Printable PU Flex that printed by Mimaki CJV150, Roland Versa CAMM VS300i, Versa Studio BN20, for fabric decorations by heat press machine, It is ideal for customizing light, or light colored T-shirts, canvas bags, uniforms, promotional articles and more.

and we supply ODM service, You can click the link  to know more, or Chat with Ms. Sunny for Details

Product Code: HT-150S

Product Name: Eco-solvent Light Printable PU Flex

Specification: 50cm X 30M, 75cm X 30M, 102cm X 30M /Roll, other specifications are requirement.

Ink Compatibility: Solvent ink, Eco-Solvent Max ink, Mild Solvent ink, Mimaki ES3/SS21、BS3/BS4 ink etc.


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Post time: Nov-20-2022

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