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With the diversified needs of Personalized luggage products, we choose from the existing designs and colors, and gradually change our favorite works. The simple and efficient Eco-Solvent inkjet printers, UV inkjet printers, HP latex inkjet printers etc. provides extremely favorable conditions for customized personalized heat transfer works. To provide customers with infinite creativity. It enlivened the market of Personalized luggage, hand bag articles.

Easy-Patterns - Printable glitter bag

Easy-Patterns | Personalized luggage

    We produce a variety of Eco-Solvent Printable PU Flex printed by Eco-Solvent inkjet printers, UV inkjet printers, HP latex inkjet printers etc, which have the characteristics of soft hand, bright printing color and excellent water resistance. To provide customers with a variety of creative space.
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Step by step video tutorial of  Eco-Solvent Printable Glitter PU Flex for colorful Personalized luggage

Step 1.  Printing by #Roland VS300i, 540i & Bn20,

                         #Mimaki CJV with BS4 ink, or other kind of Eco-solvent printers;
                         #HP Latex inkjet printers;
                         and #UV inkjet printers.
Step 2.  Transferring by Heat press machine with 165°C and 15~ 25sec for all kinds of fabric 100% cotton, 100% polyester, polyester/cotton blend, artificial leather, etc.
Step 3.  Slicing by fabric cutting plotter,such as #Brother ScanNcut
Step 4.  Use a sewing machine to make slices into bags

More from our favorite works

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