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gradient logos and numbers printed by Eco-Solvent Printable Glitter HTS-300SGL |

You can make gradient logos and numbers with Eco-Solvent Printable Glitter HTS-300SGL for colorful T-shirts

1. Alizarin HTS-300SGL Eco-Solvent Printable Glitter:
    50cm X30M, 100cm X 30M each roll
2. Printed by Roland VS300i, 540i & Bn20, Mimaki CJV with BS4 ink, or other kind of Eco-solvent printers
3. Cutted by Roland, Mimaki with cutting plotter, or Graphtec CE6000, other vinyl cutting plotter
4. Transferred by Heat press machine with 165°C and 25sec.
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Post time: Sep-26-2022

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