Full of fun with Alizarin New Arrival Waterslide Decal Paper for DIY arts and crafts

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Alizarin New Arrival Waterslide Decal Paper

Applying water slide decals is easy, follow these5  steps below or watch our video.Full of fun with Alizarin New Arrival Waterslide Decal Paper for DIY arts and crafts.

Laser Printer

Print your design onto Alizarin- Laser Waterslider Decal paper, using a Laser printer. 

Create your design on a computer and save the file at a 300DPI resolution in CYMK color. Load Alizarin waterslide Laser Decal paper Clear in laser printer so that the glossy side is the side you print the image on. 

Alizarin Laser waterslide decal paper is eco-friendly, no bad smell, no ink bleeding. Fast printing. This is the only waterproof waterslide decal paper in the market but doesn't need to spray clear coating.

Alizarin waterslide decal paper will be a great choice for semi- industrial or industrial business for customizing gifts markets.

It can used by laser printers and cutters, decals onto ceramics, glass, enamel, metal, and plastic materials.Such as tumblers, mugs, nail chips, candles, plastic toys, varnished wood, etc. Easy and fun to make unique gifts to your families and friends.

water slide CUP
water slider enamel.
water slider neon crayon.

Set the laser printer settings to Printing setting and Paper source (S): Multi-purpose carton, thickness (T): Ultra heavy . Print your design and let the ink dry for 3-5 minutes or longer if you live in a cooler climate. 

1. Use scissors to cut out your design. Or you could cut by a cutting plotter. Both available .Do NOT cut right to the edge of your design, leave 2-3mm of spacing.

2. Fill your bowl or plate with room temperature water. Submerge you pre cut decal for 30-60 seconds or until the middle of the decal can easily be slid around. Remove from water.

3. Quickly apply it to your clean decal surface then slide the carrier gently behind the decal. Squezze the images and remove the water and bubbles from the dacal paper.(Notes: Press firmly, use your fingers, a damp cloth/ paper towel or a mini squeegee to remove air bubbles. Gently pad off any excess water.)

4. Let the decal set and dry for at least 48 hours. Don’t expose to direct sunlight during this time.

5. Your design is finished and the surface can be ovened or sprayed with Vanish.

If you are really want to work with one kind of waterslide decal paper with good quality , you could find Alizarin waterslide dacal paper , it is not easy to crack or rip while applying, which brings you a better slidng experience. No professional skills or equipment need, find your fun with us!

Notes:  When using water transfer paper for the wrapping effect, the seams should be left blank, and the pictures should not have overlapping parts to prevent the paper from warping and affecting the finished product.

If you need more details about Alizarin Heat Transfer Vinyl, please feel free to contact Wendy by WhatsApp https://wa.me/8613506998622 or email sales@alizarin.com.cn . Thank you!

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