2024 Jinjiang Fair 晋江印花工业技术展览会

2024 Jinjiang Fair

This exhibition covers the focus areas related to printing machinery, printing materials and textile printing, focusing on displaying digital printing machines, rotary screen printing machines, thermal transfer technology, new environmentally friendly printing materials and other hot areas of the industry. Driven by the continued rise in the domestic digital printing market, digital printing technology will be the main exhibit for many exhibitors to promote, and will also become the object of pursuit by a large number of buyers.

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2024 Jinjiang Fair -804
2024 Jinjiang Fair
Exhibition date: 2024.08.09-08.11, 

Exhibition Address: Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center

Booth No.: A502

Our Featured Products

Heat Transfer Materials for Textile & Apparel, and Industrial Product markets

2024 Jinjiang Fair -801

Easy-Patterns | Printable Flex

 Printed with our PrettyStickers for any colorful patterns to decorate work clothes, T-shirts, Raincoats, Umbrellas, Outerwear Covers, etc

2024 Jinjiang Fair -802

Imitation Embroidery Design

Printed by Eco-Solvent printers, and cutted by desk vinyl cutting plotter such as Panda Mini cutter, Silhouette CAMEO, GCC i-Craft, Circut etc. to make a imitation embroidery design.

2024 Jinjiang Fair -803

Vinyl flex Excellent cutting and weeding properties,used for transferring on T-shirts, EVA foamed leather and shoes

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