Eco-Solvent InkJet Adhesive Synthetic Paper

Product Name: Eco-Solvent InkJet Adhesive Synthetic Paper
Ink Compatibility: Solvent based ink, Eco-Solvent ink

Product Detail

Product Uasge


Product Detail

Specification: 36"/50''/60'' X 30 Mt's Roll
Ink Compatibility: Solvent based ink, Eco-Solvent ink

Basic characteristics

Thickness (total)


Test Methods

220 μm (8.66mil)

ISO 534


96 W (CIE)

CIELAB - System

Shading rate


ISO 2471

Gloss (60°)


1.General description
PPAG-120S is a 120μm synthetic paper coated with Eco-solvent ink receptive coating and with self-adhesive of acrylic, It is with good ink absorption and high resolution. So it is idea for large-format printers such as Mimaki JV3, Roland SJ/EX. /CJ, Mutoh Rock Hopper I/II/38 and other inkjet printers for indoor and outdoor display purposes.

This product is recommended for indoor and short-term outdoor use.

■ Outdoor warranty for 12 months
■ High ink absorption
■ High print resolution
■ Good weather resistance and water resistance

Product Uasge

4.Printer Recommendations
It is can be used in most high resolution solvent-based inkjet printers, such as: Mimaki JV3, Roland SOLJET, Mutoh Rock Hopper I/II, DGI VT II, Seiko 64S and other large format solvent-based inkjet printers.

5.Printer Settings
Inkjet printer settings: The ink volume is more than 350%, in order to obtain good print quality, the printing should be set to the highest resolution.

6.Use and storage
Use and storage of materials: relative humidity 35-65% RH, temperature 10-30 ° C.
Post-treatment: The use of this material greatly increases the drying speed, but the winding or posting needs to be placed for several hours or longer, depending on the amount of ink and the working environment.

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