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Color Laser transfer paper (TL-150R TWL-300)

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The advantage of laser-printed thermal transfer paper is that it is suitable for printing. Suitable for multi-variety, medium-volume production. No need for direct printing and printing, and the trans


color laser heat transfer paper transferred onto textile

—— A  sheet printing done while you wait

—— Small investment and immediate results 

        The advantage of color laser heat transfer paper is a sheet printing done while you wait. It is suitable for multi-variety and small-batch production that can be printed without plate-making, and transfer of vivid and exquisite patterns. Simple process, short process, time-saving and labor-saving. Transferred fabric can be washed many times. It can be transfered onto T-shirts, hats, sportswear, sweaters, bags, mouse pads, etc. Cotton, polyester, nylon, linen, artificial wool, artificial cotton, man-made leather etc.can be transfered.


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