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We can make a dark T-shirts with HTW-300S4 and Mimaki CJV150 in 5 min

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Before,tomakeT-shirtsbyscreenprintingwasnotonlyatechnicalwork,butalsoamanualwork. Weneedafactory,andatleastafewemployees.    Andnow,withourEco-solventprintablePUflex(HTW-300S4)andMimakiCJV150 tomakeT-shirts becomemoreeasierandmoreefficient.Wecanmakea T-shirtsin5minutesonlyanemployeeinofficeroom.Processingisasfollows:Step1:PrintingandcuttingStep2:Peelofftheun-printedStep3:transferredbyheatpresswith165degreein25secondStep4:peelofftheapplicatonfilm,Finished!

       Before,to make T-shirts by screen printing was not only a technical work, but also a manual work. We need a factory, and at least a few employees.

       And now, with our Eco-solvent printable PU flex (HTW-300S4) and Mimaki CJV150 to make T-shirts become more easier and more efficient. We can make a T-shirts in 5 minutes only an employee in office room.

Processing is as follows:

Step1: Printing and cutting

Step2: Peel off the un-printed

Step3:transferred by heat press with 165 degree in 25 second

Step4: peel off the applicaton film, Finished!


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